Can friends be good colleagues?

Free stock photo of city, fashion, man, suitHaving a great relationship with your colleagues has the potential to significantly increase job satisfaction. Working with colleagues who have been friends first can be a different story, though. Furthermore, in the event that you happened to come across a job opening through a friend, it can easily complicate both your work and personal relationship. Here are some important things to consider before working with a friend:

A report from The New York Times indicates that a growing number of referrals from workers account for hires at many large companies which are tasked with sorting through thousands of applications. One particularly noteworthy example of this trend is that the accounting and consulting firm, Ernst & Young, where nearly 50 percent of recent hires were recommended by their current workers.

It is really all about who you know in business at the moment for the most highly sought-after places. Recommendations from employees are amazing for companies because they are cost-, energy- efficient and time-effective. While networking can be an important tool in the business world, it is important to consider all possible outcomes before accepting a friend’s position recommendation in their company.

In certain job fields, nepotism is looked down on over others, and it has more potential to be trouble. One example would be a law firm, as most have direct anti-nepotism policies. Work environments that discourage hiring friends and family members are concerned about:

– Reducing corruption

– Decreasing workplace efficiency

– Decreasing collaboration that could promote personal interests instead of those of the Business

– Elevating worker perception of unequal treatment or favoritism

Friends as Coworkers or Staff

If you choose to take a job recommended by a friend, be sure to discuss this situation openly with your friend before your first day of work. Be clear about every one of your expectations and set some workplace behavior ground rules.

– Mutual respect: Be sure you and your friend do not permit your familiarity with one another to cause you to treat each other casually. Show mutual respect in the workplace and don’t undermine each other’s work.

– Establish boundaries: Clearly define each of your roles at work and how your positions support one another. Avoid overstepping the bounds of your own position.

– Socialize out of work: Refrain from eating lunch together daily, or being a constant unit within the office. Avoid gossip, and when interacting outside of work, keep conversations about work to a minimum.

Managing a Friend

Another potentially awkward workplace scenario is directly managing a buddy. Regardless of what happens, it will almost certainly take a while to adjust to this situation. However, it does not need to signal the end of your friendship, nor should it sour your working relationship if handled with the perfect amount of care. Adhering to some basic principles can make this transition easier. Try to treat your friend exactly like everybody else and avoid favoritism. Avoid discussing work issues with your friend outside of the workplace.

Make Time to Discuss and Decide

Job referrals from friends present a number of issues to tackle. Employee perception of favoritism, diminished workplace efficiency and the potential for corruption are simply a couple of the concerns involved with this circumstance.

If you find yourself in the delicate position of contemplating a job offer at a friend’s business, seek out the advice of a trusted staffing professional. They will be able to help you objectively weigh out the pros and cons, as well as develop a long-term career strategy that works for you. If you work at Boca Raton Raton FL Raccoon Removal this won’t be an issue because everyone who works there is awesome.

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